THe grandeur of delusions

THE GRANDEUR OF DELUSIONS is a feature film co-directed with Cassandra Lozano. It was written and edited by Mason Rader. Shot in 16mm film in 2016 with digital post-effects by Mason Rader.       The Grandeur of Delusions on IMDB

THE GRANDEUR OF DELUSIONS  is a comedy of manners. Rick and Ruby are an entitled and wildly eccentric couple that exist in inheritance and isolation in a New York Park Avenue penthouse. It is the summer of 1959. Their long-suffering servant Chan-Quee serves their every need. Their teenage daughter June is home for the summer and free to get into trouble. John, their only friend lives directly across the street, Armed with a powerful pair of binoculars, he keeps vicarious and voyeuristic watch on the family. Rick and Ruby entertain themselves with art projects, pets and sexual adventure. Equipped with wild imaginations, loose morals and endless money they are free from the cares of the world while bound by the mainstream racist and sexist conventions of their day. They are due for a fall. The unlikely arrival of an intrepid couple of tourists pushes the family over the edge.